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‘Working with Stephanie has been so rewarding. Her success in her own career, coupled with her personal experience of long-term job hunting, means she is able to give incredible advice and really help drive your career forward’
Karla Chapman, Coaching Client.
Why? Because I saw being FIRED as an opportunity to grow and learn, and ultimately rebuild a life more in line with the life I had always dreamed of.

I know what it is like to:
In 2014, after 7 year working for the world’s biggest sports brand, I left to take a chance on an unknown London start-up. Three months later, my gamble hadn’t paid off. I found myself unemployed with my career in crisis. I’d gone from Brand Director for a big global organisation, to unemployed and desperately trying to rebuild my career.
3 months later, I still hadn't found work. This period was a turning point in my life. With my back against the wall, I was forced to hustle. I learnt some of the most valuable skills of my life and gained a huge understanding of what it means to be resilient.
I also quickly came to realise that the universe had given me an incredible opportunity. This was not the time to be down or disheartened; this was a chance to change the course of my career and reshape my life. It was a chance to create the life I had always wanted.
3 years on and my career and life are back on track. Not only that, I’ve created an amazing new life that I am so happy to be living! 
If you are unemployed, job-hunting or looking to accelerate your current career, I am here to help!
"I read Stephanie's book during my last week at my previous job. It was really inspiring. Since the very first time, I have found our meetings really motivational and inspirational. Stephanie not only guides you to ask yourself the right questions, challenge the status quo, think a bit differently, but also gives a lot of useful tools that help you to get 'there' and take full ownership over your personal development. On the top of it, Stephanie is just really cool person to hang out with! You may question spending money on getting a coach, however I cannot express how important this investment is! Best money spent! "
Malwina Koska, Coaching Client
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Routine is key to achieving success, especially if you are job-hunting. Download this free copy of the Daily Routine I followed when I was job-hunting, and learn the tips and tricks that kept me in the best possible mind-set as I built the life I really wanted!
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